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Britt Lincoln









representing the United States of America. Team USA brought home an overall 3rd place. Individually Britt placed 7th (the highest scoring from the USA) out of 50 of the best pilots competing from around the world. 

In addition to flying in competition, Britt enjoys demonstrating aerobatics at airshows. Her airshow style is a high energy performance that combines precision stops and maneuvers, a tribute to her competition background, with added "artistic" elements for a well-rounded airshow sequence. She very much enjoys crowd interaction and sharing her passion and love of aerobatics with others. Check out her schedule of events and airshows.

Aviation runs in the Lincoln family blood. Britt was born and raised on a ranch in Montana, which is where her aviation story began. Her first flight was with her grandfather, Roger Lincoln (an FAA Wright Brothers Award recipient) when he took her up in their Cessna 180; she was only three weeks old. Eventually, her grandfather taught her to fly in their Piper Super Cub on the family’s grass strip. She is a 4th generation pilot, but the only female pilot in her family. Britt's great-grandfather and grandfather were crop dusters. 

Britt holds degrees in both Accounting and German; she spent the first fifteen years of her career in the finance world. Although she learned to fly from her grandfather in the beautiful backcountry of Montana, it wasn’t until November of 2017 that she obtained her PPL. This became a life-changing event. She obtained five ratings within a year of earning her PPL and since that time she has “retired” from her career in finance in pursuit of her dreams in the world of aviation.

She has flown over fifty different types of aircraft in her relatively short pilot career. She currently holds Commercial, Multi-Engine Instrument, and Commercial Sea Plane ratings, as well as her tailwheel endorsement. 

When Britt is not intensely training for aerobatics, she likes to dive with sharks, backcountry ski, fly in the Montana backcountry in the Super Cub and C180 (or just pretty much fly anything that is airworthy), and cook.

 Britt Lincoln is an accomplished competition aerobatic pilot. She began her aerobatic training and competition in 2019. She has competed in over 20 aerobatic competitions and has won 15. Britt is the 2023 US Advanced National Aerobatic Champion, placing 1st at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships. She is the   

first female to win the Advanced category in 30 years. 

Britt is a member of the 2023 US Advanced Aerobatic Team. She and her 7 teammates

(the top 8 pilots in the US) competed at the 2023 World Advanced Aerobatic Championships

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Britt Lincoln is an accomplished competition aerobatic pilot. In her first two years of aerobatic competition, she won 8 of the 10 contests in which she competed in the Primary, Sportsman, and Intermediate categories and is undefeated in her last 5 competitions. Although only entering her 3rd year of aerobatics, she is currently training with her coach, Dave Watson, to compete at the Advanced level. Her goal is to qualify to compete for the United States on the U.S. Advanced Aerobatic Team.    

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